I thought it would be helpful to create a resource page that you can always come to for all of your needs. I’ll add to it as I learn more. I recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. Enjoy!

Useful Websites

Home brewing :

HomeBrewTalk : Home brew talk is a forum, article directory and club resource for home brewers that are interested in improving their methods. The forms alone can be an excellent resource for asking advice from some of the world’s top home brewers as well as expert craft brewers.

Adventures in Homebrewing : Adventures in Home brewing is both a store as well as an information site. You can order some of the best home brewing equipment and kits here. With supplies that you can use for restocking your homebrew supplies, growing hops and kegging beer, there are usually some excellent deals. This site has been up since 1999 and supplying home brewers across the world.

Drink Craft Beer : Drink craft beer is a community of people from around the world that enjoy beer. Here you can find reviews for the top brewpubs, guides to local breweries, craft beer reviews, beer forums for home brewing and links to new supplies. If you are looking for the best craft brew bar in your area or some resources for home brewing, this is a useful site.

American Homebrewers Association : This is the website of the official American home Brewers Association. It has a specialty shop with recipes as well as a listing of events that are happening across the USA. You can find deals throughout the United States as well as join into the community forums to learn more about local beer events, home brewing resources and more. The best part of this website are the recipes which come in from across the states emulating craft beers and homebrew recipes from members.

The Beginners Brew : The beginners brew is perhaps one of the best beginners guides for home brewing. You can find guides for almost anything beer related on this site. If you don’t want to invest in literature you can find guides on how to clean a keg, maintain your equipment, brew stronger beer and more.


Beer community, beer rating :

BeerAdvocate : This is probably one of the best resources for rating beers in the world. You can see ratings from magazines, beer events, beer trading for craft beer worldwide as well as forums to help you source the best craft beers in your area. With blog posts and regular user reviews you can have some of the best opinions on the greatest beers in the world. Trust beer advocate before going to the store or picking out a new craft beer.

RateBeer : Rate beer is a world beer rating system for international beer. This is an excellent way to pick out some of the best beers wherever you may be. There are recorded entries from some of the world’s top competitions, forums for craft beer and home brewing conversations, the best new brewpub and restaurant directories as well as a list of the top beers in the world according to the users.


Beer Recipes :

BeerRecipes : This is a directory with over 4500 different beer recipes that you can use for home brewing. If you are seeking inspiration or you are interested in trying out different styles of beer brewed the same way that the experts brew them, this could be a perfect resource.

Brewer’s friend : Brewers friend is one of the best places that you can find clone versions and real beer recipes from so your favorite craft breweries. You can find popular recipes from across the United States or the world as well as see the reviews and experiences from other home brewers.

BeerSmith : Beersmith is another resource that has over 370 recipes available online. You can order all of the pieces that you need to replicate these recipes, visit the forum for tips take online homebrewing courses, watch tutorial videos and more.


Useful Beer Apps

Untappd : IOSAndroid

Untappd is a peer reviewing social network. This is a way that you can check in at breweries, make reviews and connect with other passionate beer enthusiasts across the world. The app is perfect for building a wish list, checking of the best new breweries nearby and for looking up what is trending in the world of craft beer.

BeerAdvocate : IOSAndroid

If you are already a fan of the forums on beer advocate or the reviews you will want to keep up with all of the latest reviews as well as make reviews on your phone or tablet with the help of the application. You can access all the same features on Beer Advocate with their official application.

RateBeer : IOSAndroid

Rate beer is another beer rating system that comes with its own comprehensive app. This app is available both for IOS and android devices and it gives you full access all of the reviews, forums and links that you would normally find on rate beer. You can look up reviews on the go well you are buying beer or at a local bar.

HomeBrewTalk : Android

Home brew talk is an active comes with a forum, regular reviews and articles that cover all the basics of home brewing. You can read up about equipment, guides, and get your questions answered by experts online. This is a nice resource to have in your pocket and it comes with classified ads where you can share equipment and upgrade your home brewing capabilities.

Wort Homebrew Calculator : Android

A good homebrew calculator is essential for re-creating any recipe that you might find. Making sure that you re-create the recipe for the size of fermenter that you are working with is essential. The easy smart phone application Wort Homebrew calculator can scale almost any recipe so that you can produce better beer.

IBrewMaster : IOS

This app gives you access to all of the professional recipes that are available on this platform. The app is easy to use and gives you some of the best tools for managing your brewing process at each stage. Having the tracking in the app as well as the recipe reference can ensure better beer.

Next Glass – Drink Smart : IOSAndroid

Think of Next glass as an app that can help you build up a taste profile and provide you with recommendations just like your Netflix lists. Next Glass lets you rate the various beers and then make recommendations based off of your tastes. With thousands of wine and beers in their database you can find ideal food pairings and get new recommendations on the best beers you may enjoy.

BeerSmith 2 Mobile Homebrewing : IOSAndroid

Beersmith 2 helps you to create your own homebrewing recipes on the go as well as record your inspiration for your next homebrewing project. With helpful icons and tools to design, edit and track your recipes the entire app works with cloud support so that you can review your recipes from almost anywhere. There is a huge resource of converters, tools and a massive recipe directory that you can use for home brewing too.



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