Review: Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Kit, Is It Worth Your Money?

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The Brooklyn Brew Shop is known for its one-of-a-kind homebrew kits that are fairly easy to ferment and perfect for hobbyists that are simply getting started.

It produces excellent quality beer and comes in a fairly easy to ship box.

The beer making kit is available for just around $40 and the Everyday IPA comes with a 6.8% and alcohol percentage making it a super aromatic and powerful IPA.

Most beginner homebrew kits produce fairly low alcohol content beer and for individuals that are seeking an IPA with plenty of flavors, this could be an even better starting point.

The IPA when produced has a rather golden brown style color as well as a light head on top of the beer.

The head area is known for lacing along the sides of the pint glass and the aroma is known for its little hop presence with a sweet-smelling malt. Although this is stronger that contains many hops in the creation, it’s not a terribly bitter IPA.

The Brooklyn Brew Shop making kit Everyday IPA produces just one gallon of IPA which is a fair amount for a small craft batch.

Overall these kits are designed for any beginner brewer to simply purchase the entire package online or from a local shop and have all of the options ready that they need to brew.

I made this beer myself so today I’m going to take you with me on the process of making this beer step by step.

Here is my review.

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About Brooklyn Brew Shop

brooklyn kit how to brewOverall Brooklyn Brew Shop is known for its reputable business.

Thousands of people have made these kits successfully and there is plenty of support on how you can tweak the recipes as well as have greater chances of success using the kit.

With a wealth of customer service information as well as a huge community of home brewers that make this one of their first kits, the product is definitely worth trying out.

In many cases Brooklyn Brew Shop will also put these kits on sale throughout the course of the year. Finding one of these on sale could potentially mean that you could brew beer for under $60 US and have access to all of the homebrewing supplies you need for creating your own small homebrew experiments or buying a refill kits for Brooklyn Brew Shop.


What comes in the Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Kit?

kit includes

Each of these kits comes with a fair amount of help for growing your very first batch of beer.

The box contains 4 inches of tubing, a tube clamp, a 12 inch lab thermometer, a racking cane, airlock, screw Stopper and a 1 gallon fermentation jug.

Also included is the sanitizer packet for washing down all of the materials as well as an ingredient mix which includes all of the ingredients that go into the production of 1 gallon of beer.

Brooklyn Brew Shop makes it easy to simply buy these refill ingredients in a sanitizer packet to use the same homebrew equipment multiple times after the initial purchase.

If you really enjoy the first batch of beer that you make, you could try some of the other varieties are even find a refill kit for Everyday IPA.

You can add in some of your own changes to improve the quality of beer such as a better quality sanitizer like StarSan as well as adding your own extra hops or yeast. The yeast that’s included in the pack is Muntons but you can consider using dry yeast or other yeast products that you have used in the past with homebrewing.

The ingredients that are included with this kit include a bag that’s labeled grains as well as a bag of styrian goldings hops. If you wanted an especially hoppy beer you could consider adding in another hop variety or introducing your own extra hops into the beer too.


Getting started

sanitizingGetting started with this kit is fairly simple.

Use the sanitizer instructions to spend time washing down every component that’s going to touch the beer.

The sanitizer aging include instructions with the Brooklyn Brew Shop kit and it was fairly easy to wash down all of the components including the tubing, thermometer and more.

grainsThe next goal is to heat up 2.5 quarts of water to 160°F which can be done on the stovetop.

Adding the grain and mixing it around while cooking it for around 60 min will help to release some of the various flavors into the beer.

I found that by heating up the mixture and turning off the heat while monitoring the temperature was the best way to keep it fairly even.

Even heat is essential as after 60 min.

The instructions involve heating up the mash to 170°F


Sparging the bag and rinsing the grains with gallon of water at 165° is a fairly slow process. It takes time to mix in the grains as well as barge the water. Be sure to taste the results and make sure that it’s quite sweet to ensure that it is ready for gathering down.

After gathering all of the wort down into a single pot the easiest thing is to add the hops next based off of the directions on the back or based off of your own particular experience.

You should try use at least an 8 gallon tub with the boiling stage to make sure that there’s plenty of room to boil off extra volume and enjoy the full hoppy flavor you want.

When you move the entire mixture into the Brooklyn Brew Shop making kit be sure to use the tubing and measure in around a quarter pack of traditional yeast packs for the entire instruction pack given in the kit.

You will notice that fermentation using this kit often occurs much faster than in some of the other beginner kits.

By keeping regular temperature checks on the gallon of beer you can work at managing the right alcohol content with a hydrometer.

everyday ipa fermentation


I recommend around 8.5- 10 standard bottles or 3 big bottles for a gallon of beer and racking these bottles in a water and honey solution is usually easiest.

Be sure to have at least 10 bottles sanitizer that you are ready with the priming sugar and the solution for racking the beer.

The racking cane included in the kit may not be as exact as some other tools you may have used.

bottling beer

Final verdict

homebrewed everyday ipa tasting
The result

Overall the quality of this beer is great. Although it takes a little more effort to brew than some other beginner kits it’s more than made up in the quality of the brew.

What Brooklyn Brew Shop does remarkably well is adding quality and value together.

It’s tough to get all of these materials together in one package for the price that they are asking and the instructions that they provide offer a wealth of information into creating home brew in small quality batches!

Brooklyn Brew Shop Kit is a recommended buy for anyone interested in brewing in the comfort of their own home or someone that wants to learn more about brewing on a small scale.

My review: 4.5 / 5

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