I have been obsessed with finding the best beers on earth for a long time. I eventually got to the point where I decided to start making my own. Since then homebrewing has become a new hobby of mine. More about me

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Step-by-Step: How to Filter Homebrew Before Bottling

Filtering homebrew beer is a much different practice than the filtration processes undertaken by most commercial breweries. In homebrew, mechanical filtration and kegs are often overshadowed by microbrews and bottle conditioning. Homebrew is filtered by following these steps:  Adding fining agents to the kettle Performing a secondary fermentation Performing a cold crash Racking the beer …

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My 15 Best High ABV Beers (3 of Which Are Actually Above 40%)

A good craft beer aficionado doesn’t drink beer with the sole purpose of getting drunk, but a little buzz can sometimes be a nice added perk. Sometimes, a strong beer with a higher ABV can be just what the doctor prescribed! I’m going to highlight some of my favorite strong, boozy beers.

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