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The 3 Best Brewing Cider Kits – Ultimate Buying Guide To Brew Like A Pro

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If you love the flavor of fresh cider and you want to get access to the ability to make this in the comfort of your own home, you might want to consider the idea of picking up a cider brewing kit.

With the help of one of these products, you can learn how to make craft cider with fresh ingredients.

The process of making cider is actually quite simple and around the same level of difficulty as brewing craft beer.

Whether you are an experienced homebrewer or someone that is just interested in starting making your own cider at home, there are a number of fantastic kits that you can use to get started with brewing your own cider.

Here are the top best cider kits that are available right now.

Don’t have time? This is our pick:

Craft A Brew Hard Cider Brew Kit

Now, let’s dive in and compare the kits

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1) The Brooklyn Brew Shop Cider making kit

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The Brooklyn Brew Shop hard cider kit is an affordable cider-making kit that comes with a reusable glass fermenter and all of the equipment that you need to start making craft cider at home. This kit comes with everything you need to make three new batches of hard cider and a video instruction guide that makes the process as easy as possible.

The cider that gets produced with this kit is around 7% alcohol by volume and it is usually somewhat driving for an authentic craft cider taste. The kit comes with everything you need including the packets of yeast, the racking cane, a glass fermenter, a stopper for the bottles and an airlock. The only thing that is missing from this kit is bottles that you can use for packaging the results.

What I like about it:

This kit features great value and the chance to make up to three cider batches with what’s included. Learning how to make hard cider with this kit starts first with purchasing minimally pasteurized fresh juice and then using the fermenter to make the product.

Why it could be a front-runner:

This system is completely reusable to make hard cider at any time with the help of minimally pasteurized fresh juice. By replacing the brewer’s yeast that you get in the package and using the carboy after sanitation, you can continually use this kit to make excellent hard cider. The video instructions also make this a super easy process for anyone to learn.

The cons of this kit:

The only real drawback to this kit is that it doesn’t actually come with any bottles and you will have to supply your own juice. Certain kits can include a highly concentrated apple juice with them, but this kit involves finding your own.



2) Craft a brew hard cider kit

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Craft a brew hard cider kits are known for including almost everything that you would need to produce a high-quality hard cider. With a racking cane, funnel, rubber stopper, tubing clamp, glass jug, and an airlock all included in the same container, you can make one full gallon of hard cider at any time with the simple instructions included in this box.

This kit comes with high-quality yeast as well as all of the hardware that you will need to produce a great-quality cider. The only thing that’s really missing from the kit is some bottles to store your readymade cider and the juice base that will make up the cider. There is enough to make three full batches of 1-gallon cider here.

What I like about it:

The instructions are quite simple to follow and the glass carboy that included here offers a great value for brewers that plan on regularly making their own cider at home. The hard cider recipe is also very well done with the yeast that is included with this product. As a very comparable product to what you might get at a craft brewer, this is a fresh craft cider that will not disappoint.

Why it could be a front-runner:

This is some of the best quality brewer yeast that you will find in any type of prepared cider kit. The instructions are also delivered in one step at a time. They are extremely simple to follow even though they aren’t delivered in a DVD or streaming video format.

The cons of this kit:

The only real con of this kit is that it does not include bottles or different variants that you can use for the cider recipe. Realistically, this is a kit that will teach you how to produce one type of high-quality craft cider.


3) Brew Demon Hard cider

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The Brew Demon hard apple cider is one of the fastest brewing kits for producing hard apple cider currently. The apple cider recipe produces a 4.5 alcohol by volume cider in a small batch conical fermenter. This kit comes with a simple cleaner as well as temperature gauges, a venting plug, bottles, labels and caps.

Brew Demon is a great alternative to a Mr. Beer kit and the materials that are delivered alongside the kit are generally of similar quality. The value in this kit is that everything is included and the recipe is considered to be one of the best for sweeter style ciders.

If you are looking for a hard cider that is comparable to something that you might find in a and a local brewery, this could be of this sweeter variety versus the dry and natural style cider.

What I like about it:

The instructions for this hard cider kit are super easy to follow and the materials are really high quality. While other types of hard cider kits often require the purchase of a number of extra for referrals, this is one that has everything included in the package.

Why it could be a front-runner:

It is completely reusable and ordering a secondary refill kit from Brew Demon is super easy. The results are completely repeatable with this cider and if you want a tasty and sweeter cider, everything you need is included here.

The cons of this kit:

The plastic materials and a cheaper temperature gauge do require consistent monitoring with this brewing kit. It’s important to be rigorous with your sanitation if you plan on reusing it too.

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