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dorian touly

Lifelong beer habitue and homebrew artisan

What is this about?

Just a narration of my homebrewing sessions.

Not because I think my brews are overly awesomely dope, but :

  1. To document what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong, revising and improving it.
  2. To help people along the way who might encounter similar problems as I did
  3. It’s fun to share your brews with the entire world 😛


My Homebrewing Experiments:

mandarina badass beer Homebrewing session #2: First-Time All-Grain Brewing – a Belgian Beer We had been hitting the lockdown for already a few weeks here in Barcelona and like many other new home…

Homebrewing session #2: First-Time All-Grain Brewing – a Belgian Beer Read More »

lockdown hopes beer with cool label Homebrewing session #3: IPA All-Grain Brewing – My Lockdown Beer After the semi-failure of my first IPA (extract), it was time to brew another one. So I wanted to give…

Homebrewing session #3: IPA All-Grain Brewing – My Lockdown Beer Read More »

Coming soon…

(I’m a little late on publishing but I’m currently writing them. Stay tuned or subscribe to receive a notification in your inbox)

american pale ale (jackass vintage) #4: American Pale Ale (With 1st Time Dry Hopping)

Article coming soon…

imperial stout (end the curfew)#5: First Imperial Stout

Article coming soon…

neipa (son of juice) #6: Experimenting a NEIPA For The 1st Time

Article coming soon…

double neipa #7: Double NEIPA: Extra Juicy Hazy IPA

Article coming soon…

mango bomb beer#8: Mango NEIPA: a Fruity New England IPA

Article coming soon…

hefeweizen (manulauner)#9: German Hefeweizen By The Book

Article coming soon…

mexican cake clone#10: Mexican Cake Clone: a Spicy Habanero Chocolate Milk Stout

Article coming soon…

double ipa (citradelic)#11: Citra Double IPA

Article coming soon…

abbey beer (st-vivianus)#12: Belgian Abbey Beer: Back to The Source

Article coming soon…

hazy ipa (la pececita)#13: Hazy Verdant IPA

Article coming soon…

double ipa (mosaic city)#14: Mosaic Double IPA

Article coming soon…

kveik west coast pale ale#15: Kveik West Coast Pale Ale

Article coming soon…

What kind of home brewer am I?

I define myself in life not as a minimalist but almost.

I have traveled quite a bit in my life, living in Metz (France – hometown), Paris (France), Melbourne (Australia), Cairns (Australia), Taipei (Taiwan), Wellington (New Zealand), Beijing (China), Tenerife (Spain) and Barcelona (Spain). So you could say, I’m almost a nomad.

With this kind of lifestyle, you quickly realize that you don’t need a whole lot of stuff to be happy.

And if there’s one thing I don’t like to do, it’s to buy (bulky) things that I will use twice and then will have to get rid of when I leave a place. It’s annoying, time-consuming, and not environmentally friendly.

Besides, I live in a small flat in Barcelona and brew on my kitchen stovetop, mostly small batches (4 – 8 liters / 1 to 2 gallons).

So, I’m not the guy that possesses the latest homebrewing gadget (I do research and write about them), but I do like to buy gear I think will be critical to my process.

Also, brewing with the bare minimum helps me better understand the complete brewing process and how every little detail affects the resulting beer.


Am I following recipes or creating recipes?

Well, a bit of both. In the beginning, I was a bit unsure but now I feel like I can adapt some recipes to the things I like or to the products I have at hand.

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