7 Best Books About Beer Reviewed (Beer Lovers Ideal Gifts)

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If you are looking for some of the top reference materials for bring your own beer, there are many different types of books available for home brewers across the world.

The best books available for home brewers include some of these top seven novels and more.

If you are interested in learning more about beer as well as how you can produce better flavor accommodations for your home brews, these are some excellent points to start with.

Whether you have had one unsuccessful homebrew or you are simply looking into expanding some of the types of brews that you can make, these are the best novels to build up your home growing library.


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Best Homebrewing books

1 – The Complete Beer Course: Boot Camp for Beer Geeks: From Novice to Expert in Twelve Tasting Classes

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In this book series you can do everything that it takes to go from a absolute novice homebrewer to an expert taster.

There are 12 classes included with this book and they can teach you many of the most important principles of home brewing and the flavors of beer.

If you have ever wanted to know the different types of beer there available for production or what you can do to produce better styles of beer, the 12 tasting classes will teach you not only how to taste your beer but improve the overall taste of the beer that you are making at home as well.



2 – Designing Great beers: The ultimate guide to brewing classic beer styles

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This book from 1998 can provide you with some of the technical information on how to brew some of the most classic styles of beer. If you are interested in creating your own type of lager, stout, IPA or other common style of beer, you should give this a read to find out what some of the classic elements from different beer styles might entail.

While you can usually come pretty close with the recipes for home brew styles, this novel offers real tips for home brewers so that they can emulate the style of popular brands and popular styles of beer.

Whether you are interested in finally developing a Lager that can stand up next to your local brewpub or emulating the style of some of your favorite popular beers, this is a must read for home brewers that are just beginning to experiment with styles of beer.



3 – Homebrew Beyond the basics: All grain Brewing and other steps

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For any homebrewer that is starting to experiment with the process of making beer from scratch, this is essential reading. If you are still experimenting with quick malt kits and easy to make pre mixed beer this could also be a novel that could provide you with the inspiration that you need to try all grain brewing for the first time.

Think of this as an instructional guide for how you can create your own beer from scratch.

This beyond basics guide will show you some of the best grains, hops and other starting ingredients that you can use to create your own malts. While many beginner home brewers forget this stage, it can be easy for a home brewer to create their first quality malt with the help of these instructions.

There are even some variations that you can use for trying out different styles of beer. All grain brewing is obtainable and with novels like this it can become a simpler process for the future.



4 – Homebrew for dummies

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The Dummies guides have long been one of the best step-by-step guides available for individuals who want to try home brewing and more.

The dummies guide to homebrewing is no different than any other guide produced in this series. Not only can you get quick facts on the fly but a number of step-by-step instructions to take you through the process of beginner brewing as well as brewing with whole grains for the first time.

If you want the ultimate reference manual for homebrewing that you can keep through the whole brewing process, this is one to pick up. If you haven’t bought a quick malt kit or beginner’s guide, this could be an essential book for you especially if you are planning on buying all of the items that you need for home brewing and trying by yourself.

Homebrew for dummies is one of the easiest to follow guides for beginner home brewers and it can supplement any guide that you might receive in a full homebrew kit.



Best general books on beer

These books will provide you with a greater base knowledge of beer that you can translate into homebrewing knowledge. Each one of these books will help you to discover more about the different styles of beer, had a taste beer, how to pair beer with food and more.

Not only will each one of these books inspire you to create more crafty homebrews but they can assist you with the process of actually pairing and creating better tasting homebrews.

Although they don’t have direct instructions on how you can brew or tips on home brewing, you need to expand your knowledge of beer before you can truly be a fantastic home brewer.


5 – The beer bible

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The beer bible stands as the authoritative book on beer.

Not only will This large scale book provide you with some reader friendly tips and a guide to almost every style of beer in the world but it can provide you with an in-depth step-by-step approach for tasting different beers and unlocking the flavors out of these styles.

This book comes as a sequel to the wine bible which is a best-selling work that is used for tasting and pairing wine across the world.

The book overall is written for beginners and it really helps you to go deep into the history and art of tasting. By reading the beer bible you will know exactly which glassware to choose for a style of beer, the best foods to pair with a style of beer and how you can go about recognizing the various tasting notes in the beers that you love.

This is a book that can help you enjoy beer more as well as become more knowledgeable about the drink.



6 – Tasting Beer: An Insider’s Guide to the World’s Greatest Drink

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Although everybody knows how to drink beer, in this reference guide from 2009 you can really start to understand some of the finest points of brewing.

Randy Mosher creates a reference guide for tasting beer, discovering beer and actually being able to enjoy some of your favorite beers from a different perspective.

There are food pairing recommendations for over 50 different types of beer as well as ways that you can describe and appreciate the tastes, colors, flavors and mouth feel of all of the major styles of beer. This is some of the best ways that you can uncover some of the secrets in your favorite types of beer.

By honing your senses and honing your taste for beer you can work at discerning some of the main ingredients in a particular style of beer so that you can become a better homebrewer.

This tasting guide is essential for beer connoisseurs that are interested in really furthering their tasting ability. Not only is this a book that celebrates beer but it can help you to learn a whole new appreciation for beer.



7 – Beer Pairing: The Essential Guide from the Pairing Pros

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Beer paring with food is just as important as pairing with wine.

Many people overlook the fact that beer can be a powerful tool for pairing with different meals. Homebrewers especially want to brew something that’s going to be versatile for their palate and for the foods that they commonly make. What could be better than actually producing a beer that compliments a specialty item that you make?

This beer paring guide is written by food experts in beer geeks to take you on a journey of senses.

Not only can you learn more about different flavors that can be found in common styles of beer, but you can start to establish some tasting rules that will better prepare you for eating out at any restaurant, picking out beer at the local store and actually making your own beer.

Beer pairing can be extremely useful talent especially for restaurateurs and those that entertain quite often.

With the palate improvements that you can make using this book, you can really appreciate the way that beer pairs with food like you never thought possible.



Good ideas for gift

These novels can all be extremely beneficial for home brewers as well as beer enthusiasts.

Creating a library for your beer novels and homebrewing reference guides can be essential to creating better beer experiences for the future.

Any one of these would make an excellent gift or a perfect pickup if you are passionate about beer.

Each one is written by knowledgeable sources and you can further your passion and your hobby just by reading them. If you want home brewing advice, these can all help you make better beer.

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