Jonas Rembert

Early brewer and founder in Asheville, NC. I got my start in the backyard in Weaverville, NC which were my fondest memories. I opened two breweries I built in 1996 (Green Man) and 2001 (French Broad) respectively, both still extant. I am a Master Brewer and the author of Starlight in a Glass.

jonas rembert
rice hulls

When to Add Rice Hulls in the Mash?

To pure craft brewers, rice is a sacrilegious addition to pure beer, as it’s the main ingredient in Budweiser among myriad other mass-produced beers. However, its casing, the hulls play an invaluable part of brewing specialty styles.  Wheat beers, 100% wheat malt beers, and any beer with a significant portion of adjunct grain may need …

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