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10 Best Gifts Ideas for the Home Brewer in Your Life

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Lifelong beer habitue and homebrew artisan

Making beer at home is more than a hobby; it’s a real passion, and for some, it becomes a lifelong profession. Beer is noble like that. You take care of it from grain to bottle, days and weeks on end, only to share one good beer with friends.

If you know someone that fits the description, then you have a home brewer in your life. This is an odd bunch! And that means finding the right gift for a homebrewer is a bit complicated.

When you brew beer at home, that’s kind of what you think about all day long, meaning regular gifts might not cause the impact you thought they would.

I’ve put together a fun list of gift ideas for all of us who care for a homebrewer. These are gifts that will get them, at least for a second, away from those kettles and buckets — gifts any homebrewer will deeply appreciate!

1. Home Brew Journal for Craft Beer Homebrewers

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Brewing beer is all about taking notes. You learn a lot from each batch. Writing down recipes, temperatures, densities, your process and other details helps you become a better brewer. Take notes people!

Some homebrewers are just disorganized, while others are meticulous. Either way, they all need a proper homebrew journal, and this beauty right here is just the right one for all experience levels, homebrewers and pros alike.

With space for over seventy recipes, hop charts, yeast strain chart and a conversion table, brewing is more fun than ever.

This journal is not only a neat place to write down all your brewing secrets, but it’s also every home brewer’s companion.


2. Beer Cap Shooter

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For a witty gift and some laughs, you might want to consider this beer cap gun that also serves as a beer opener.

Believe it or not, how brewers have a great sense of humor, and they’re also always surrounded by beer caps. Gift this fun gadget to your closest brewer and give him or her a chance to blow off some steam. Shooting beer caps from one corner of their fermentation room to the other is quite a way to spend time while beer ferments.

This beauty shoots caps sixteen feet away, and you’ll get two guns in every box, so you can join the fun!


3. Beer Can Chicken Rack

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Most homebrewers are also enthusiastic grill masters. There’s something about cooking with fire that’s incredibly compatible with making beer at home. Two of the greatest pleasures in life.

Well, this fun beer can chicken rack brings both worlds together, allowing your home brewing friend to roast a bird with their favorite beer.

Made 100% with stainless steel, this rack will allow you to infuse a chicken with any beer while keeping it tender and juicy. That’s a gift right there, one that everyone can enjoy at your next backyard grilling party!


4. Crown Gauge for Beer Bottles

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Let’s get serious for a second. This apparently simple stainless steel gadget allows homebrewers to make sure their bottled beer is safely capped.

By using the different gaps, one can detect broken bottles and incorrectly placed caps. The simple go or no-go marks engraved in the capping gauge will save any homebrewer from disappointment.

This smart tool works with most regular beer bottles, and caps, so get one with confidence. Your friend won’t be returning this gift; that’s guaranteed.


5. Unlabeled – The Blind Beer Tasting Board Game

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Beer is more than a boozy drink; it’s also a great way to spend time with the ones closest to you. What better way of spending quality time than with a board game?

A beer tasting board game, that is. And this one is quite professional. You need not be a beer expert to play, but even your snobbiest beer-loving friends will have a great time guessing their beer before everyone else.

The board comes with six player pieces but use beer caps, and the whole gang can join the fun!


6. Brewing Classic Styles: 80 Winning Recipes Anyone Can Brew

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Books are thoughtful gifts, and no one says no to a good one. Gifting knowledge shows you really care; the problem is, with so many books out there, how to choose?

You can’t go wrong with this marvelous book about classic beer styles. No matter how experimental your home brewing friend is, the classics are classics for a reason; they’re the foundations for every type of beer around, even the hoppiest IPAs.

This fantastic book by award-winning Jamil Zainasheff, features eighty winning recipes anyone can brew. This is a book you might want to get for yourself too!


7. Neoprene Beer Bottle Holder

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A neoprene beer bottle carrier is a wonderful gift. It’s thoughtful, but most of all, it’s practical.

You can fit six beer bottles or twelve cans in the insulated carrier that also protects the beer from temperature changes and even from a drop from a reasonable height.

The quality is fantastic — resistant and sturdy, yet slick and smooth to the touch. Just what you want from a nice man bag. As a bonus, the beer carrier comes with a bottle opener card by the folks at Let It Beer.


8. Unbreakable Tritan Beer Glasses

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If you haven’t heard about Tritan, let me tell you this is a fantastic, crystal-clear, food-safe, and unbreakable material used to make all kinds of stuff, even beer glasses.

A four-piece set of these beauties is a fantastic gift that will allow your loved one to enjoy its beer pool-side or at the beach without risking breakage.

These unbreakable glasses won’t scratch either, and you can wash them in your dishwasher risk-free. Convenience meets elegance in these glasses, and that’s a fantastic combination.


9. GrowlerWerks uKeg Carbonated Growler

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This fantastic 64-ounce keg allows homebrewers to carbonate their beer and keeps it carbonated for weeks. You can also adjust the carbonation level (pressure). It might not look like much, but this is every home brewer’s dream!

Double-walled for perfect insulation, an easy dispenser tap, and fast access to the gas chamber, you just need to fill this tank with your favorite beer and add the CO2 capsule. Oxygen will never slip through. Enjoy fresh, fizzy beer every time.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated gift, you found one.


10. Beer Flights Set

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This fun, Amish-finished wooded beer mat is ideal for serving beer flights to guests. Homebrewers can also use it to assess beer through blind tastings and hone their beer-tasting skills.

Sometimes the best gifts are as simple as a numbered wooden plank, and this one is as pretty as they come. Beauty in simplicity right here. Just a perfect gift.

This is solid oak, and the Amish handcrafts it, right here in the USA. With a 16-inch length and four beer slots, you’ll find lots of ways of using this gorgeous tray.

And here’s another tip, you can use it to taste whiskey and even wine. Isn’t that neat?

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