Episode 1 – IPAs and Intros

Follow Sam and Jonas as they discuss trending and traditional beer culture.

Open to beer lovers of all walks, drinkers, homebrewers, and aspiring crafters. Jonas Rembert and Sam Walker-Matthews met in June,1992, in a parking lot of the old RFK stadium in DC, for a psychedelic rock concert. Jonas had a suitcase of Beast Light under his arm. Sam had some strong homebrew Belgian Ale and other ideas. Instant rapport, 2 weeks, 2000 miles and 24 beer stores later, Sam introduced Jonas to every style of beer- well at least 18. Jonas, a pioneer of the Asheville, NC craft beer scene, and Sam, deeply rooted in the elder days of craft beer in the Mountain State, have stood side-by-side in their particolored quests over the last three decades. Dúnedain and Eldar, fates ever entwined.


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