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What Are The Proven Craft Beer Health Benefits?

People throughout history have been crafting and drinking beer and if you are a beer enthusiast you may be interested to know that drinking fresh beer or craft beer can actually come with some incredible health benefits.

Here are some of the health benefits that you can experience by choosing to drink craft beer regularly.


Assistance with digestion

Regularly consuming hoppy beer can actually help with stimulating the secretion of gastric acid.

The feeling that you often get after drinking a beer that is well hopped like a strong IPA, is actually an indication that your gut is experiencing a boost in its digestive power.

The bitter acids that can be secreted by beer hops will continue to support the production of gastric acid which can help you with the process of digestion, maintaining regularity and more.

Regular hoppy beer drinking could really help your stomach to digest!


Reducing the risk of dementia

Moderate drinking has been linked with a lowered risk of cognitive impairment and conditions like dementia.

Studies have shown that drinking in moderation each week can reduce the risk for a number of cognitive effects.

This is partially why many doctors recommend regularly drinking natural alcohols like wine or craft beer to reduce the risk for these types of conditions later on in life.


A reduction in heart disease

Drinking craft beer in regular moderation can actually bring down your risk for heart disease by up to 31%.

Studies on drinkers versus nondrinkers have showcased that individuals who regularly partake in moderate alcohol intake due generally have lower rates of heart disease over those that regularly abstain.


Improving bone density

Craft beer with fresh ingredients often contains dietary silicon which is an ingredient that is particularly important for improving the mineral density of our bones.

Regularly drinking craft beer could actually be working to strengthen your bones over time and preventing conditions like osteoporosis later on in life.

Improving your bone density can help to reduce your risk of serious accidents and ensure that your bone health can be improved for reducing the chance of serious conditions as you age.


Reduction in kidney stones

Regularly drinking beer actually works to improve kidney functions.

With moderate beer drinking (1 or 2 per day) it’s possible to reduce your risk for developing kidney stones.

As this condition can be incredibly painful and a risk to your health, it could be important to include beer as part of your regular diet.

As craft we are often contains fresher ingredients that can benefit kidney and organ health, choosing a fresher alternative can help you achieve the best results.


A reduction in inflammation

Hops can have a bitter taste that can actually block inflammation as we are healing and prevent a series of conditions as we age too.

The bitter acids can block inflammation from a number of conditions that can cause is chronic pain. The bitter acids in hops have been used for hundreds of years as a bitter herbal treatment that can aid with the process of healing and for improving injury recovery as well.

As a number of ancient cultures would not have had access to items like Advil for helping their own inflammation, turning to beer and hops provide a welcome relief from the symptoms of various health conditions and injury recovery.


Decreased risk of diabetes

Because of more natural ingredients that can be found in craft beer, there’s a lesser chance of developing conditions like type II diabetes as a result of extensive sugars and preservatives.

Most craft beer drinkers generally tend to drink in smaller amounts and when drinking more natural or fresh beers that don’t need to contain some of the heavy preservatives, the chances for diabetes greatly reduces.

Many craft breweries simply opt out of using some of the fillers and other preservation techniques that are commonly used by larger breweries to improve shelflife.

As a large majority of the people consuming craft beer are coming in, filling up growlers and consuming them within three or four days the health benefits are significantly improved when compared to drinking beer that comes in a can from a mass production line.



As you can see, drinking craft beer can actually, what some incredible health benefits.

By drinking in moderation you can see some of these advantages for your body and begin to experience better health through a fresh and delicious product.

By brewing your own craft beer at home you can also improve the convenience of regularly drinking a quality craft beer made with fresh ingredients.

It is important to consider that these benefits only come with moderation.

Generally the idea of having a pint of craft beer every one to two days or a maximum of 5-7 drinks a week is considered the ideal for these benefits.

Moderate craft beer drinkers really are some of the healthiest people!

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