How to Make Beer Taste Better? 6 Super Easy Tips to Apply

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When it comes to enhancing the flavors of beer there are a number of tools that you can use to potentially improve the flavor of popular beer or almost any kind of suds you might purchase (or make). If you are really trying to enhance the flavors in your beer and bring out a greater amount of quality and distinct flavor patterns use some of these following tips to make your beer taste better.


1- Getting the right pour

Beer can actually be improved by pouring it into a glass. Drinking straight from the bottle can lead to some different flavors but by pouring beer into the correct beer glass and making sure to pour correctly, you can really enhance the flavors of a beer. In order to properly pour beer from the bottle or can, hold the glass at an angle of 45° begin to pour the beer at the midpoint of the glass or about halfway down the glass. Continue tilting the glass up right as soon as the beer reaches the halfway point in the pint glass. Finish your poor with at least a half an inch of head on almost any beer. This head will be where you can really get the smell and flavor profile of a beer.


2- Using the right glass

The glass that you use for each beer variety can actually have an impact on the taste of the beer. American pints for example are designed for showcasing the flavors of American IPA, Pilsner, American ales and light lagers. A beer mug however is designed to reduce heat transfer which is perfect for pilsners, English ales, American largers, German largers and more. These thicker walled and handle bearing glasses will keep your beer colder for longer. Flute style glasses are designed to bring out the fruity quality of beer making them ideal for fruit beers, red ales, Biere Brute and more. A beer goblet or chalice is ideal for beers which have a high alcohol by volume. They are easier to set and the bown can attract extra carbon dioxide ensuring that the beer keeps a good head. This is perfect for Imperial Stout’s, Belgian IPAs, weissbier and more. These are just a few examples of how beer glasses can change the flavor profile of a beer. This is also why so many breweries actually put up their own glassware.

beer glassware types


3- Adding a bitter fruit flavor

Wwhile we often see limes used with many lighter beers in warm weather, you can use the same lime juice to potentially enhance the taste of your own beer. By cutting a line in half and then squeezing the juice into an empty glass, you could consider pouring your beer directly into the lime juice for a more blended experience. Beer and lime go together quite well and by trying out some of your own combinations with this juice you can often discover new ways to enjoy your favorite beers.

beer with lime


4- Adding beer salt

Salt can also be added along the rim of the glass to enhance citrus flavors throughout a beer. If you already have a beer that’s quite fruity, or citrusy you can place salt along the edge of the rim on your glass to balance out some of the tangy citrus. On occasion a beer may be far too much citrus and this can be a fantastic way that you can balance out the flavor to taste some of the deeper notes on the beer.


5- Adding apple juice

If you ever wanted to try your favorite beer in a way that could be a little more refreshing, consider adding some fresh apple juice. This type of drink is called Shandy and usually this describes any combination of beer and a relatively sweet beverage. In Germany the same drink is called a Radler and great Britain this beer mixture is called a shandygaff. Mixing one part beer to one part juice will make this unique drink that can somewhat change the flavor of the beer that you are drinking.


6- Trying it at a warmer temperature

As much as it might seem a little bit strange to drink beer at warmer temperatures, this can truly have an effect on the taste. Many of us are used to going to a restaurant or an establishment and getting beer served cold. When beer comes to us warm however sometimes we can discern some of the best flavors in that beer. A cold beer is certainly very refreshing but a warm beer can lead to a much more distinct flavor profile.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind for making your beer taste better or trying out some experiments in characterizing some of the extra flavors in your favorite beers.

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