7 Reasons For Getting Started With Home Brewing Right Now

There are a number of really big reasons why you should consider home brewing.

Not only is home brewing becoming a fast-growing hobby, but more and more people are craving different tastes and trying out different types of beer.

Everyone likes a good quality beer and we each have our own individual tastes, with the help of home brewing we can finally find them and discover brand-new hobby that we can do in the comfort of our own home.

Home brewing has some wonderful benefits, you just need to try it for yourself! Imagine being able to brew your own beer in just 6 weeks time and for minimal expenses.

Here are some of the top seven reasons why you should consider getting started with home brewing:


1) It’s much easier than you think

With the help of a home kit that contains malt extract, you don’t have to worry about much of the mixing and you will have many of the ingredients included along with the extract.

You can simply mix together the malt extract, hops and yeast saving the priming sugar for later.

There is not much need for measurement but really just a care in sanitation and regular monitoring for the beer.

If you can dedicate a few weeks of your life into a fun project, you can easily brew your own beer.

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2) It’s economical

A single quick malt kit may cost only around $20. With a small investment for the beer making equipment, which you can often find for under 50 or $60, you can be up and running making your own beer.

The average quick malt kit can produce as much as 18L or 5-6 gallons of beer. That is around 50 cans of high quality beer.

The best part is that the processes repeatable and you could be producing more and more beer using the same equipment.

You could potentially have two fermenters going at once producing 50 cans of beer every two-3 weeks and have plenty of gifts and beer to offer to friends!


3) It can make a beautiful gift

Brewing a special batch of beer for special occasions like Christmas or fathers day can make for a wonderful gift.

When you start to expand your hobby you may start to get beer as a regular gift request for Christmas and other holidays.

There is quite a learning process that goes into brewing beer, but once you perfect some of the tastes you can produce a superior quality product to anything that you might find in the store.


4) You can gain a new appreciation

The nice for but making your own beer is that you can make it just the way that you want.

If you like a particular style of beer but certain elements like a citrusy taste or very bitter aftertaste make them difficult to drink regularly, you can perfect your own style of beer that’s made to your tastes.

There is no reason to settle anymore and with the help of your efforts you can learn with different ingredients in different aromas mean in beer making.

Bring your own beer and finding an appreciation also means that it’s easy to strike up a conversation with any local brewer or beer enthusiast.


5) It’s great for your health

Drinking too much beer is commonly seen as a health risk but in moderation beer has some amazing health benefits.

A good quality beer made with natural ingredients has plenty of fiber, protein, vitamin B, antioxidants and silicon. All of these nutrients can be found throughout the malt, hops and yeast that are in Beer.

Making your own beer at home also means that you can control all of the ingredients. Most beer that you buy at the grocery store or your local liquor store contains heavy filters as well as preservatives. Your beer will be much healthier because it is unfiltered and may contain extra ingredients that are healthy.

By adding extra herbs as well as ingredients like raw honey, you can make your beer closer to an actual health tonic then a bottle of light beer.


6) You can be a part of history

Beer brewing is a time-honored tradition that goes back thousands of years. While many people seem to think that beer brewing requires a lot of effort, people in the Middle Ages were doing it with minimal experience and minimal materials.

With the easily accessible materials that we can find today you can take part in the 7000-year-old tradition of beer making.

Before beer making was a full commercial process, communities would have to come together and homes would be responsible for creating their own home brews.

This is part of what makes home brewing so historically significant as well.


7) Anyone can make a great beer

There are homeowners across the world from many different backgrounds. Anyone’s beer could be as equal as the local favorite craft brewer, you just need to give it a try and use quality ingredients.

While you wouldn’t normally opt to buy a beer that’s priced at the top of the market at your own local liquor store, you can work to emulate the same tastes of that beer with the help of your home brewing skills. You could be producing premium beers in the style of Heineken for example but at a fraction of the cost.

By following the directions and maintaining good cleaning practices you could have a beer that is better than anything that you might find at your local bar or local store. You just need to try and discover for yourself.


Start home brewing now and get a new hobby

For all these reasons and more you should strongly consider trying homebrewing for yourself. It’s not that hard, even if you’re total beginner.

It is a wonderful hobby that can be quite addicting once you start the process.

Ultimately the bottling part of home brewing can be one of the most labor-intensive aspects.

It is all worth it when you pull a frosty bottle of fresh brewed beer out of the fridge in 5-6 weeks to try your creation for the first time.

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